Hello, I’m Charlie and I’m a writer. I live in Dallas and I spend most of my days either working on writing a book or reading one.


I became fascinated with books at a very young age. Most people in my family say that I got this from my father, who was always a bookworm since a very young age and I don’t disagree. When I was young, he would always read to me bedtime stories and when I became old enough to read, he would often go out of his way to bring me a good book to read after he came home from work.


So, I became aware of my passion at a very early age. I started trying to write my own poems at the age of 7 and even though they weren’t the best or most creative ones, they were the start of this journey. Through the years, I have worked as a journalist, an article writer and I have managed to successfully help people learn how to write and publish their own books.


Through this blog, I intend to do something very similar. You see, I really love offering my knowledge for free. I love knowing someone has succeeded in doing something they love in their life thanks to my help; it just makes me feel great. My love for reading and writing is so big that after publishing my own book, I just wanted to share my experience with others.


I really hope that you’ll be able to find something useful on my website. I am going to try my best to provide you with helpful content that will apply to make stages of writing and book publishing. If you have any further questions or you’d like my advice on any subject, leave me a comment and let me know of a subject you’d like me to discuss.

Thank you for reading my posts and happy writing!