Privacy Policy

Like any other site out there, mine has a certain stance on privacy, thus I have decided to share the following policy with you. Keep in mind that I’m still working out the kinks of running a personal website, so the points you see below are bound to change over time. Thank you for sticking around!

I will only collect personal information based on the requirements for account creation and comment. This means that you will be obligated to enter your name and age whenever you want to interact with the other readers. However, this information will never leave the system and I can assure you that the proper security measures have been implemented.

Personal information gathering

Non-personal information gathering

Non-personal information will be exclusively bound to location tracking as that is all I am allowed to do as a beginner blogger. Even the location tracking data I receive will only serve to better adjust the content you are about to experience on the site – nothing more than that.

Why gather the data?

I’m barely scratching the surface of the blogging sphere and I don’t know much about how things work. The data I passively collect over time will help me better determine what path to pursue with my website as well as how to cater to your needs to the best of my abilities. My intentions are purely reader-driven and are in no shape or form set on selling or disclosing personal information.

Affiliations and partnerships

As a self-publishing writer who pursues long-term contracts and book deals, I have my fair share of affiliates and colleagues in the industry. You will sometimes see ads from different publishing houses and discount deals for books that I think you might like if you frequent my blog. However, I do not condone sharing or selling information about my readers to third parties, so your information will never come into direct contact with my partners.

Further policy updates

As is the case with most sites out there, mine is a work in progress. As I learn more about the web, blogging, and publishing in general, I will update the policy to reflect that knowledge. I suggest you come back every once in a while and see if I made any changes to the way I treat privacy on this site. I’m also a man of my word, and no point in the policy will ever be drastically changed from what you are reading now.

Accepting my privacy policy

If you are in agreement with my privacy regulations, I wholeheartedly welcome you to the blog! Those that have unanswered questions or concerns are free to contact me should some piece of the policy prevent them from freely using my blog. I thank you again for being here out of all places and I hope you find something interesting enough to share with your friends as well.